PMCC Technical specification:

  • Rated Service Voltage: 415 V
  • Rated Frequency: 50h
  • Rated Insulation Voltage: 660 V
  • Busbar System: TP-E or TPN-E   (with isolable neutral)
  • Max.Rating Of Busbars: 6000 A
  • Fault Level Withstand: 50 ka /  65 ka FOR 1 SEC
  • Degree Of Protection: ip 41/ 54
  • Proven interleaved busbar system for PCC / PMCC


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  • In conventional busbar system, conductors of each phase are grouped together. At higher current ratings in each phase, more than one flat of busbars placed quite close to each other are used. Skin effect & Proximity effect, causes uneven current distribution in each flat of the same phase which also results in unequal temperature rise in different phases. At higher currents increase in cross-sectional area of conductors does not yield proportionate increase in the current carrying capacity of the busbars.
  • The interleaved busbar system offers a cost effective solution.

Cable termination:


  • Cable Termination is at the rear of the panel.
  • Elecmech Standard PCC / PMCC panel dimensions are more than sufficient, However Panels can be custom designed for adequate space for termination of increased number aluminium cables for special cases such as for Material Handling Applications Stacker Reclaimer, etc.
  • Though Bottom Cable Entry is Standard, TOP cable entries are possible, and in some non-standard cases with bottom busbar chamber
  • Wide cable alley facilitates comfortable termination of a large number of cables.
  • Shrouded link work for multi-tier configurations ensures complete safety in the cable alley.
  • Standard panels are provided with captive screws / Quarter turn knobs. However customized Panels can be provided with Alphabetical Key lockable doors to prevent un-authorized access to the cable alley.

Cabling Space (mm)

Power Cables: 

  • 600 X 500 (depth 1200) 
  • 600 X 600 (depth 1300) 
  • 600 X 700 (depth 1400)

Control Cables:

  • Control Cables Terminals are provided vertically at the rear side panel on the left. So there is ample space for control cabling.
  • Add on chamber:The cabling area can be extended further by providing an ADD ON CHAMBER to accommodatemore cables if needed.

Compartmentalised Design

For ease of Maintenance and trouble free operation, Elecmech offers standard Single Tier ACB panels upto minimum 550 width, However Multitier designs are also offered for switchgear rooms with space limitations and for cost effectiveness.  

  • Standard Single Tier: for ACBs 630 to 6300A.
  • Multi-Tier Arrangement: 2 tier arrangement for ACBs upto 1600A.
  • PMCC:  8 feeders (fuse switches) in a panel.
  • Flexibility in Compartment sizes.
  • Compartment sizes can be 225 to 900 mm.
  • Auxiliary Equipment Mounted by the side of ACB.
  • Effective utilisation of space.
  • Separate Chambers for Busbars, Droppers Auxiliary Busbars.
  • Panels can be offered confirming to Form 2 / 3 / 4.

Other PCC features 

  • The Power Control Centre (PCC) is a free standing and floor mounting type switchboard, suitable for indoor installation.
  • To facilitate transportation, each PCC is split into shipping sections. Each shipping section is wrapped in an HDPE cover and packed in a wooden crate case.
  • To arrive at the approximate overall dimensions of the packing cases, add 300 mm to the dimensions of the respective section.
  • Each vertical panel is divided into distinct compartments Viz busbar chamber, Vertical droppers, Control busbar chamber, d/o feeders / fixed feeders, power cabling chamber at rear with control terminals.
  • The compartments house main equipment like Air Circuit Breakers, Fuse Switches, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers and associated auxiliary equipment.
  • Compartment doors are provided with Sprin Loaded Quarter Turn door fasteners, Which pressurises the door towards the panel frame, ensuring dust-proofness by the compression of gasket between door and panel frame.
  • The cable alley doors are removable type. They are provided with Spring Loaded Quarter-turn locks or can be provided with door locks operable by a special key.
  • Overall Dimensions
  • Weight: 2475.
  • Width : 550, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300 mm.
  • Depth : 1000 mm (base frame), 1200 mm, 1400mm 1600mm w/o front door.
  • Depth : 1044 mm (base frame), 1244 mm,1444, 1644 with front door and rear door /cover.
  • To increase cabling area, Add-on-chambers with a depth of 300 mm may be provided on rear. Add-on-chambers may also be used for bus duct entry. Relays are accommodated, usually below ACB compartment. usually it is of 450mm / 500 mm Height.

Safety interlocks:

  • All PCC feeders incorporate Safety interlock, Unless the ACB is racked out to isolated position, its compartment door cannot be opened.
  • Conversely, the ACB cannot be operated unless the compartment door is closed. However, to facilitate maintenance and inspection, a defeat feature is provided for both these interlocks. Only QUALIFIED PERSONNEL are permitted to use the interlock defeat mechanism.
  • Copper Busbars can also be provided on request.

Aluminum to Aluminum Busbars Joints.

  • Aluminum Busbar used are of electrolytic E91E grade with manufacturer’s test certificate
  • Busbars are punched using Multihole punching hydraulic press.
  • The Multihole punch and die is specially deisgned for punching upto 4 Holes in one stroke with minimal burrs and no distortion of busbars.
  • Punched Joints are then buffed smooth with special buffing tools to remove Aluminum oxide Layer.
  • The Buffed aluminum busbar is then immediately coated with abrasive antioxidation paste.
  • Excess paste squeezes out of the joints when the al bus joint is tightened removing aluminum oxide and also prevents the aluminum from being oxidized.
  • Aluminum busbars are fastened using High Tensile Hardware
  • High Tensile Fastners are tightened using adjustable and calibrated Torque wrench for optimum tightening torques.
  • Thus optimum pressures are applied to Aluminum at fishplates and Joints ensuring minimal joint resistance and thus reducing heat loss and temperature rise.

Non compromising Quality & Reliability

  • Elecmech Panels are built to last for 20-25 year design life.
  • Panels are Powder coated in our recently installed 11 Tank Hot process pretreatment powder coating plant which provides best possible degreasing derusting, phosphatising treatment for ms fabricated panels.
  • Uniform powder coating quality is ensured by our stringent QC process.
  • Standard interlocking schemes are available in our wide database for 2-Incomer, 1-Buscoupler and 3-Incomer with 2-buscouplers, also with standby generators.
  • Standard protection schemes are available in our wide database for transformer incomers, outgoing feeeders with numerical relays from various manufacturers and also conventional relays.
  • ERDA / CPRI Type Tested Panels with valid certification <5 yrs.
  • Drgs & Documentation using Licensed Acad 2010.
  • Stage-wise QAP.
  • Stringent QC gives Assured quality.
  • Proven Thermal Design.
  • Aesthetically & Ergonomically designed.
  • Fault level certified panels.
  • Intelligent PMCC with numerical relays.
  • Proven track record.
  • Site support when required.
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